Anton Schneider is a celebrated dance teacher and dancer, with a wealth of experience in creating folk dance performances for the stage. Anton is known for his energy and the simplicity that is a trademark of his teaching of dance. In his work as a teacher he empowers participants through involvement in the process of learning and creating. As a dancer he seeks for qualities that are unique to folk dance in its relation to gravity, flow and movement rooted in musicality. His formal education in Swedish folk dance was completed at The School of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden. He has been performing and teaching in Sweden and abroad since 2003.

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  • A selection of productions Anton has participated in:
  • Karmer kring blå, choreography by Örjan Andersson
  • Dance with Adults choreography by Carl Olof Berg
  • History of the Polska in Sweden, choreography by Martin Forsberg
  • Nordic featuring STHLM Moves with Petra Eriksson, Anna Öberg, Magnus Zetterlund, Anders Löfberg and Erik Rydvall.


E-mail: info@antonschneider.se
Mobile: +46 739 988 748
Skype: dansantons

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